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Both the ebook and video were made with the student in mind and from their point of learning.



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Illustration by Doug La Rue - Calculus Tutor Ebook and Video!THE BOOK

Calculus Tutor - Step-by-Step Problem Solutions is a Calculus solutions book like no other. The author takes the approach of walking the student on a step by step process, just like the subtitles suggests. This book was written with the students in mind from their point of view as a good learning tool.

It was written and first sold in 1989 directly to students at several California Colleges and High Schools. Since then, it as gotten rave reviews and comments from many students all over. Click here to learn more about it.


Calculus Tutor - Step-by-Step Problem Solutions video was put together right after the book was published in 1989 and was meant to be a companion of one another.

In order to make it worthwhile for students, this video takes full advantage of VHS capability to use its maximum length of 6 hours. It covers most of the subjects on the book, however, due to its VHS own limitations this 6-hour long video is of low quality. We expect to offer this content on DVD sometime in 2004.

Check Video table of contents here for more detailed information. Thank you for your interest.

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